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SustainableEnergy - development projects

Demonstrate the future

Full-scale projects based on community plans demonstrate people’s visions and foster an increase in community spirit. Implementation of resident-prioritised projects mobilises the community.

The plans developed by the communities represent their own priorities, and are used as input in dialogue with authorities regarding future interventions.  At the same time, they are a rich source of ideas for demonstration projects that are considered high-priority by the subject community.

Such projects are defined as introducing innovative ways,  e.g., to  provide a training programme, to construct ablution blocks, to provide clean water, to furnish electricity by introducing the use of bio fuels, to mount information- and awareness campaigns in the form of drama (as in Forum theatre), etc.

Task Forces in Hanoi

In Hanoi, for example, we have recently established task forces that have helped communities to map, plan, and implement waste-recycling- and tree-planting projects. In Maputo, local theatre groups are active in environmental awareness-raising.

In Mali, Kenya and Mozambique innovative ways of organizing local communities connects them effectively to Local authorities. The organizations are supported to engage in active and critical dialogues with relevant national authorities.


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