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SustainableEnergy - development projects

Advocacy gives local people a voice

SustainableEnergy also supports civil-society organisations with the broader aim of engaging them in an active and critical dialogue with their respective local and/or national authorities.

Change politics in favour of the poor

Social improvement requires sustained reductions of poverty and of inequity.  SustainableEnergy uses its credibility, expertise, and influence to press for policies and practices that favour poor people, both nationally and internationally.

We encourage partners to lobby their own governments and to enter into a dialogue for change.   SustainableEnergy provides the benefit of its experience to help them in these endeavours.

Advocacy makes a difference

As a result, local concerns on such daily issues as good urban planning, pro-poor energy policy, and fair taxation can be heard and addressed.
Internationally, SustainableEnergy actively influences policy on global issues affecting the world's poor, to create a world free of poverty and injustice.

International advocacy is done through INFORSE, International Network for Sustainable Energy, a worldwide network that we established after the Rio de Janeiro conference in 1992. The Network now has over 200 members.


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