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In Denmark

Our activities in Denmark focus on three specific areas: advocacy, activism, and energy counselling.

Keeping Denmark on the green track

Since 1975 SustainableEnergy has concentrated its efforts on working for 100 % renewable energy in Denmark. Denmark is currently a world leader in renewable energy and a 100 % renewable energy-goal is the policy of all major political parties. We work at multiple levels to ensure that decision-makers also deliver tangible results in practice that allow Denmark to keep moving on the green track.

Climate Change is restrained from the bottom

We work hard to mobilise women and men, old and young, city dwellers and rural populations to engage in climate change challenges. We initiate campaigns, arrange public meetings and debates, and organise communities around specific activities that take place under the slogan “We have a planet, and you are part of it”. Our organisation is well suited for activism with numerous local volunteer groups and a national youth department.

How do we do it?

We run Energy Service Denmark which helps citizens to make the right choices. Based in 10 regional offices around the country, all Danes are offered free and unbiased advice on energy conservation in their private households.

Energy Service Denmark also trains craftsmen and cooperates with their associations to improve the technical knowledge of renewable energy among energy professionals.  We also conduct extensive outreach activities in the public schools by providing well tested teaching material and exercises for energy education.

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