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SustainableEnergy and partners in Mozambique

Partners in Mozambique

In Mozambique our main partners are ADEL-Sofala, based in Sofala, and Livaningo, based in Maputo in Mozambique.

ADEL-Sofala was established in the Sofala province in 1999 as a local, non-profit, member-based NGO that seeks to combat poverty by offering the poorest of the rural and urban population new economic opportunities.

The organization provides several different services, such as vocational and income-generating training, technical assistance, and natural-resource management. It also facilitates access to small-scale financing.

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Livaningo was established as an NGO in 1998, and is based in Maputo. The organization’s goal is to mobilize civil society on issues of the environment. In the beginning, Livaningo had only 17 members, but today there are 100 activists and 300 members.

Livaningo is now considered to be one of the leading environmental watchdogs in Mozambique and is highly respected in the field of advocacy work.
Livaningo focuses on monitoring medical waste and pesticides, large infrastructure projects, urban environmental control, advocacy, and environmental training.

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