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SustainableEnergy on rural development

Rural projects

Working in rural areas in Africa poses enormous challenges. Often, even the most basic infrastructure is lacking, such as accessible roads. Almost always, there is no access to electricity, and potable water is only available a long walk away.

Weak governments frequently neglect communities. Illiteracy levels are high.  Year-round food security is a luxury of which most people can only dream. Yet, people’s stamina and drive to make ends meet is impressive in many rural communities.

Our projects build on and support the existing creativity and hard work of farmers, small entrepreneurs, and community workers.

Access to energy

SustainableEnergy works with solid local partners in rural areas in Mozambique, Mali, and Burkina Faso. We focus on developing mechanisms that improve local access to sustainable energy sources or that make the use of energy more effective.

The means of achieving these goals vary, and may include supporting, e.g., improved natural-resource management, improved agricultural practices, savings- and credit groups, or literacy classes.

At other times, support and advice are provided to bolster very concrete income-generating activities such as raising poultry, running tree nurseries, or the production and marketing of medicinal plants. Always, however, we work with an overall goal of leaving behind a more empowered, resilient, and visible community that is capable of engaging local authorities in meaningful and constructive ways.

The road can be long and winding.  Nonetheless, our attention to and respect for local knowledge and community capacities ensure that our projects succeed.


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